Why We Don't Need to Defend The Bible

Charles Hodge once said "The best evidence of the Bible's being the word of God is to be found between its covers, it proves itself." As I look at my surroundings, I cannot help but see how true that statement is. You see, God, His Word, and the Faith He has given us were never meant for us to defend. Rather, it was always God's Plan to defend us and to be our Advocate. God is God Alone and He does not need our help in ANYTHING. He is not limited, and His Plan is not based upon our depraved condition. If His Plan were based upon our depraved and sinful and always changing condition, He would not be all-knowing, He would not be omniscient, He would not be unchanging, and therefore, He would not even be perfect (complete). But because He knows EVERYTHING and has created ALL things there is not one thing He does not know. If He didn't create ONE thing then He could not create ALL things! Our minds cannot fathom Him completely, no matter how much we think we understand. Every understanding of The Word comes from God and God ALONE! God IS in control of EVERYTHING, no matter what anyone says. He IS in control of EVERYTHING no matter who contradicts it. Why you ask? Because He says so! If you open up to any book of the Bible, God's hand and sovereignty is in it! The whole point of His Word is to show us that He has planned a beginning (Genesis 1:1) and an end (Revelation 22:21)! If the beginning was planned and the end was planned than it only makes sense that  everything in the middle must have been planned as well. It is bad enough for us Christians to say that He created some things but not all things as much as it is bad for an atheist to say He did not create anything. THERE MUST BE A CREATOR AND DESIGNER FOR EVERY PARTICLE, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY SOUL, EVERY CHARACTER AND EVERYTHING! You see, it is not about us at all!!! It is about Him first and His bride as a whole. He cares for each and every one of His children more than anything He has created, and He died for the Church, and He died for the World, and He died for His children so that we can forever be with Him!!! He created us because He must love! He has eternally been loving. God has always loved The Son and The Son has always loved God and therefore, it is only natural that He would also love His Creation, but more importantly His children. I guess what I'm trying to say here is, yes, it is so important that His Word be spread, and yes, He uses many different ways to bring His children to Him, but we must remember that it is HE who defends HIS WORD. It is not our job to constantly beat ourselves up because someone just won't understand The Bible. Remember, The Gospel is so easy to understand that little children could comprehend it but it is also so complex that the Pharisees could not know it. This also shows how extremely powerful God is! His children will know Him in HIS time...NOT OURS. So remember this the next time you talk to someone about Christ: It is not about us, but rather it is about Him and His Word. It will defend itself. You don't need to defend something that is already true and so powerful. His Word is like a lion. Once its cage is opened it will be released and it will defend itself.


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  2. If only all denominations would fully bow down to His sovereignty and realize how grand and magnificent He really is and how small and minuscule our issues are compared to Him. It is enough for me to know that just as He created me, He has created my destiny, and that everything in between is a process of sanctification for that great and majestic day when we will see Him face to face. So blessed to share this faith with you. Your post is so encouraging.


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