Why I Love Words

Why do I desire to reveal the unknown story beneath a cover? The idea that every book is a different portal awaiting its next passenger in order to send them into an anonymous world, fascinates me. The brand new pages of a paperback book seem to entrance me as I begin to read the well-written words that dance across the paper. I can go anywhere at any time. I can escape the stresses of life and interact with characters infinitely until they are so engraved into my mind that they become real people. The ability to understand simple letters designed to form a word, is not less than a miracle from God. Words  can make me laugh, they can make me cry, and they can even send an extra dose of dopamine running through my brain. They send goosebumps up my arms and shivers down my spine. Books make way for creativity and they give scope for the imagination. They are not dreams, nor are they reality. They are the journey between life and imagination. In a moment, one can be in a world of fantasy, fiction, and unreal circumstances and in the next they can find adventure, romance, and the difficult characteristics of a certain person. Words are gifts from God. The thought that He has given us the ability to create a beautifully written story, is a beautifully written picture of His beautifully written creation. We create these characters in our head out of what seems like nothing, but similarly God has created us out of His wonderful power. He has written our story and He has written our character. We are the characters of the greatest story ever told! This is why I absolutely adore, passionately enjoy, and ardently love writing, reading, and words. Thank You Lord for the little things like this that bring so much joy!


p.s. Comment down below what things give you joy! Have a blessed day beautiful people! :)


  1. Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the blog! Don't forget to share this with your friends and family if you so desire! Leave a comment telling me what your favorite book is and/or something that makes you happy! Have a beautifully blessed day! :)))


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